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Yale academy researchers bring to light the 12 most able words in the human language... - copywriting


In this article, I am going to disclose a dozen words, which could alteration your life. Why? Since Yale Academe researches have identified the 12 most brawny words in the human language? proven to appeal to concentration and stir emotion in their readers. Here they are. . .

? You

? Save

? Results

? Health

? Love

? Proven

? Money

? New

? Easy

? Safety

? Discovery

? Guaranteed

So how can these 'proven' 'new' words 'you' have discovered be used to create 'results' and make 'you' more 'money'? It's 'easy. ' 'You'll' 'love' the way you can 'safely' integrate them into your ads and sales letters. Plus, 'you'll' 'save' thousands of dollars from burning a hole through your appropriate from ineffective advertising? 'Guaranteed. '

Notice how easy it is!

Oh yeah, one more thing. Once you start implementing all of these words into your copy? you may just find that the extra 'money' you make will help you to chill out. Consequently, many associates find their 'health' improves as a conclusion ;)

Let's look at how we can alteration a fasten of headlines I've seen in ads and leaflets lying about in my bureau about to incorporate these power words. . .

Headline 1: The reimbursement of publicity on the XYZ Web Site

Could alter to: 'Discover' the payback of publicity on the XYZ Web Site

Or: At Last. . . 'You' can 'discover' a 'proven' way to make more 'money' by publicity on XYZ's 'new' web site

Or: You'll 'love' this quick and 'easy' way of generating superior 'results' because of promotion on XYZ's 'new' web site

Headline 2: Great spaces to stay. Fantastic locations and hot deals

Could alter to: 'Discover' these safe seats to stay. Fantastic 'new' locations and hot deals

Or: Who else wants to 'discover' a 'safe' and 'easy' way of decision fantastic locations and hot 'new' deals?

Or: You're 'guaranteed' to 'love' these great sitting room to stay. These fantasitc locations are 'easy' to find and you'll 'save' 'money' with our hot new deals.

Can you announcement how easy it is to incorporate the hot words into your ads and sales letters?

A word of warning: These words are a tool? though just as mild painkillers are not a cure for cancer? they are not a cure for poorly brain wave out copy.

However they will absolutely spice up your communications.

Yours in profits,

Scott Bywater
Copywriting That SELLS
Level 12 / 418a Elizabeth Street
Surry Hills, NSW, Australia
1300 88 21 91

Visit my web site for your admiring copy of my ebook (valued at $29. 95) and free subscription to my ezine "Copywriting Advertising Secrets" where you'll determine how to write ads and sales correspondence that sell. And one's which put money in your abridged over and over and over again.

Here's the address: http://www. copywritingthatsells. com. au

Don't muck around. Go there now. You'll be glad you did!


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