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A copywriters rant: each you get it, or you dont - copywriting


Today I am having a rant exclusive of my own head. Woo hoo, the copywriter is bringing up the rear it again! Maybe.

Maybe not, though. I like to think that these inner mini earthquakes I have are the root to a more productive mindset. Are you a copywriter, too? Then you doubtless share my angst. Let's work this one out together.

Here it is. I have the pleasure of chatting with many marketers who go by means of the undulation door of my casual business. I've come to the close that they also get it, or they don't. Meaning, they get my drift, my style, my meaning. And if they don't get it, all the articles and marketing idea pitches in the world aren't going to make them see it my way.

I will give you an illustration of associates "not being paid it. " Maybe you can relate.

A client comes to me with some equitably dull website copy. He says, "We want to fully modify this to be more edgy, like the Vitamin Water website. " So I go to Vitaminwater. com. What I see is some MAJOR edgy web copy. It's so edgy, it's adjoining on blasphemous. Seems the Vitamin Water citizens are drinking that stuff to cleanse their dirty hardly souls. Go there, you'll see what I mean.

So this client of mine then occupies most of my New Year's week with his ostentatious plan for the copy overhaul. I give him a hardly edge, but tone it down as the Vitamin Water site is a bit much for what he sells.

Guess what happens? He cuts our bond short and then takes his site down for "the big relaunch" doing doesn't matter what he did after we parted ways. After SIX MONTHS, he then puts up a new adaptation of his website that's Near Alike to the old one!

That dude did not get it. He loved a big shot else's bawdy concept, but abortive to appreciate it wasn't what HE sought for his own business. And then he had some kind of freakout I guess, and certain to go "back in the box. " The guy spent six months of his time and hard-earned money to be included out he didn't certainly want to do what he attention he required to do. What a shame.

Copywriters come across citizens like this all the time. Whether you're freelance, small agency, in-house or Madison Avenue, at least half your clients will ask you to build amazing detail for them, when deep confidential that's the exact contrary of what they exceedingly want. But still, you go because of the anguished motions, all the while calculating that you're not being "got" and this is not going to work out.

So, why do it then? Why keep TALK TALK Conversation all this marketing hype, target-audience, blow-sales-through-the-roof power copywriting? Why the articles, why the networking, why the fever?

Because eventually, you will find a celebrity who DOES GET IT. And when you do. . . oh, the ecstasy! Damn, but there's nonentity like the joy of construction with someone, or develop still a group of Someones, who are of the same mental mindset.

Advertising is a a small amount like your relationships. You may go on fifty-five dates with 13 atypical people, and each one manages to get under your skin somehow. All seems hopeless. You think you're an island. Then along comes The One.

What? As a replacement for of bickering, boredom or tension, you can in point of fact find peace, harmony, great chat and big thrills with a big cheese on this world who likes you for you? Amazing. That can crop up in your publicity and marketing endeavors, too. It's utter synergistic bliss. It's a accepted high, and it's the aim for all of this fuss in the first place.

Okay then, how do you find this hard to get hold of promised land? How will you ever love and be loved in this big, hopeless world of contradictory wills and big egos and impracticable marketing dreams?

You have to get out there and let by hand be found.

To all of those new-agey associates out there who like to go off about the Laws of Attraction in Advertising? I feel you! I hear what you're saying, and you're fully right.

Just put manually out there and do what you do best. . . and someday, a celebrity is going to come knocking who GETS IT. And that, Copywriter Friends, is what I call NIRVANA.

Rant over. Peace out.

Copyright 2005 Dina Giolitto. All constitutional rights reserved.

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