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How not to write a press announcement - copywriting


Several years ago, when I was functioning for an agency, I was fired from an account. What that means is the client didn't want me inscription for him anymore.

Another writer, a acquaintance of mine, got the bank account and life went on.

Of course, I was beautiful upset by the situation. I had complete a number of journalism projects before now for that client, which had seemed to go well, and had just complete a press circulate when I got the boot.

My author alone told me later her "secret" for building this client happy. Basically, what she did was adjust the press announcement so it alert only on the client and the client's business.

I said: "But what you've in black and white isn't that newsworthy. I don't think the newspaper will admit it. "

She said: "That's not what the client wants. Therefore, I don't worry about it. "

And she was right. (She kept the checking account after all. ) The client sought after an "I'm so great" press release. He didn't want a bit that might in reality consequence in coverage for him. He sought after a little that would make him feel good when he read it.

In the world of communal relations, press releases are the explorers. They pass through far and wide, visiting media outlets everywhere, and presenting in a row about your food and services. Media associates choose whether or not to cover your commerce based in large part on those hard-working press releases.

So, there's a lot riding on them. Therefore, it pays to take a hardly extra time to make sure they're ready accurately for the job.

When you get an idea for a press release, ask manually this question: "Is this a touch a big name else would be engrossed in or is this a touch only I (and maybe my mother) would want to read?"

Sounds easy, right? Well, if it was that easy, there wouldn't be so many "Look at me -- I'm so great" press releases administration amuck out there.

Unfortunately, the "I'm so great" press releases are seductive. They sound so good when you read them. They gossip equipment like: "Of classes the editors will want to write about me. I would make a brilliant human interest/special feature/business attribute story. Didn't I just see a story like this about my competitor/another affair last week?"

You need to be on your guard when one of these ideas shows up. Ask them. Interrogate them if you must. "Why will the media like you? What do you offer that's assorted than any other press release? What's so exceptional about you? Why will a big cheese want to read more about you?" Don't allow their beautiful words to authority you. You must get to the truth. Odds are what seduces you almost certainly won't seduce the media.

Remember, media colonize are looking for an angle or a story that would activity their readers. They want to know clothes like: "What's in it for my readers? Why will my readers care about this piece of information?"

If you can come back with those questions correctly, then you have an admirable ability of being paid the coverage you're looking for.

Creativity Exercises -- Write a out of the ordinary press release

The only way to get advance at recognizing a good press announce is to carry out inscription them.

Start by inscription what you think is a good press release. Put it away for at least 24 hours. Don't look at it. Don't even think about it.

After the 24 hours is up, pull it out and read it. Ask manually this question:

"Is this a bit a big shot else would be concerned in or is this a touch only I (and maybe my mother) would want to read?"

Really consider the question. Don't let manually counter it too quickly.

Still feel like it's newsworthy? Then try this exercise. Change all the references to you and your creation with a further big business and product. I counsel inserting a affair that is not one of your competitors. Use the Find/Replace behave on your word dealing out software to make this a quick and easy process.

Put your announcement away again. If you can wait a further 24 hours, all the better. But even affecting on to a altered assignment and advent back a few hours later will help it sound "fresh" to you.

Read it again. Do you still find it attention-grabbing now that it's about a big shot else?

It's tough to view your commerce objectively. Fortunately, this is a skill that will get easier the more you do it.

Michele Pariza Wacek owns Creative Concepts and Copywriting, a writing, marketing and ingenuity agency. She offers two free e-newsletters that help subscribers association their imagination with hard-hitting marketing and copywriting doctrine to be converted into more booming at attracting new clients, advertising goods and military and boosting business. She can be reached at http://www. writingusa. com

Copyright 2005 Michele Pariza Wacek


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