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Here's a deep-seated alteration amid copywriting offline and copywriting for the web. . .

- Give or take, my job as a copywriter offline was to sell, sell, sell, sell.

- Online, I think, my job is best described as help, help, help, sell.

How come?

Because web sites are a pain for buyers and searchers. Much harder to 'use' than a bodily store or library, a leaflet or a catalog. The main challenge being -- no two sites work accurately the same. There are at all times differences in appearance, architecture, navigation.

The result: Every first-time visitor to your site has to pause, look about and amount out how your site in reality 'works'. Where is stuff? How do I get there? Can I appear out how you have logical everything?

We don't have evils like that with a catalog. Every directory starts with the front cover, then you turn the page to see what comes next, and so on. Web sites aren't like that. They 'unfold' in another ways.

And that's where the 'help' comes in.

Before you can think about selling, you first need to help each visitor find what they are looking for, whether that be a product, a benefit or cleanly information.

Every headline, subhead, block of short text and link text needs to be selection the visitor. You need to guide them, notify them, as the crow flies them. And, of course, at the same time, pre-sell them. Make them feel assertive as they click their way by means of the pages. Make them feel good as you as the crow flies and help them forward.

Help them with clear headings, imagery and links. Keep them atmosphere assured that they are just a click or two away from judgment what they certainly want.

Once you have done that, once you have been truly helpful. . . you will have achieved a add up to of things.

First, you will have taken them to where they want to be with the least amount of fuss, chaos and emaciated clicks. And that means advanced conversion rates.

Second, you will have taken them to that final page in a very assured state of mind. They will be affection good about your site. Affection assured about the experience. Atmosphere delighted that they have found what they sought so cursorily and easily.

And then, and only then. . . . Sell.

Yes, at the end of the day, it's all about selling. But the emphasis, the state of mind you bring to the process, can make a big difference.

Nick Usborne is a copywriter, author, loudspeaker and advocat of good writing. You can admission all his archived newsletter articles on copywriting and copy for the web at his Excess Voice site. You'll find more articles and assets on how to make money as a ad hoc essayist at his Freelance Inscription Success site.


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