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Organizing your data to write advance copy - copywriting


Last cut up I talked about interviewing / gathering data. So now you've got quite a few thousand words of notes, confidently digitally recorded. What comes next?


I optional organizing your interview questions into 4 groups. I'm going to label them for you A, B, C, D.

·what is the commerce problem? = A

·what is the high level solution? = B

·can you tell me more about the solution? = C

·why be supposed to I trust you (as my vendor?) = D

Any ample piece of characters has a beginning, a average and an end. So ahead of you start bowdlerization / journalism you want a map, to show you where you are going. Take a blank sheet of paper, write four major headings and label them A, B, C, D, as above.

Now read your notes. When you find data important to "A" (the commerce problem), underline that copy and mark a big "A" in the margin (in red?) . Keep effective all through until you have apparent up important copy for all four sections of your piece.

You will be leave-taking out something that does not seem as it should be as you go.


Next comes a cut and paste job. Group all together all the "A"s, then the "B"s, "C"s and "D"s.

Next, take a look at all the ideas you have in the A group. It helps if you take a new sheet of paper and write a list of the ideas or facts in the A group. Now prioritize. Be ruthless. And trust your first instinct. If an idea seems to leap out and have life, put it first. The less central ones come later. Weed out any repetition or weak data. Now you work on flow. Do you have a commonsense flow of ideas that your booklover can follow? Are you illuminating him/ her a story that you physically could consider in?

You will go all the way through the same application with the lasting blocks of notes, ie "B","C" and "D".


Editing is prioritizing. Often you will want to limit a list of ideas to 3. Three has a flow to it. And is about as much as any booklover or listener can grasp at one sitting.

Finally you polish. Now you are appraisal for flow or musicality. You are bitter out superfluous ideas and words.

This is the long way to write.


The short way is to sift and prioritize all your notes in your mind ie you turn on your idea tool. The key idea will pop into view, and hey presto, you begin copy about that one. You have a air for what comes next and what after that. You appreciate how to prioritize your ideas. Soon with a bit of jiggling ideas about the page, your story has a beginning, a center and an end.

You can teach physically the short way by inscription the long way, again and again. Or by spinning copy round in the center of the night for an 07. 00am deadline as I often had to do as a newspaper attribute writer.

"When we come upon a accepted style, we are amazed and delighted: for we likely to see an author, and we find a man. " Blaise Pascal. Quoted with credit to John R. Trimble, Journalism with Style in print by Prentice Hall.

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I'm Neroli Lacey of Clear of Contacts Inc. in Minneapolis, MN. I've been plateful executives transform their businesses and their lives with outstanding marketing resources since 1995. VISA, 3M and Perot Systems are some of my superior clients. I have worked with clients in Boston, San Francisco, Dallas, Austin, Minneapolis, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Dublin and Delhi. I used to be one of the top journalists in Britain characters for The Times, The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, The Guardian, The Dusk Standard, New Statesman, Vogue and Tatler.

Before newspapers I was an investment banker. I grew up in London, England, studying Latin with Greek at Bristol University.

Please visit my website: www. beyondcommunications. com

Or commerce me at: neroli@beyondcommunications. com



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