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10 tips for tech-writers - copywriting


Tech-writing is a tricky business. It's not a very high profile industry, so there's not much assist around. Admire these 10 quick tips, and you'll be well on your way to a enjoyable tech-writing career.

1) Be a consequence a conscious career path?

  • STEP 1: Start in a team

  • STEP 2: Stay only just long enough

  • STEP 3: Administer yourself

  • STEP 4: Cope a team

  • STEP 5: Go contracting (depends on the market)

2) Comprehension is your livelihood - learn the politics of your company. Know who knows what. Find a celebrity who consistently gives you timely, reliable, technically perfect answers, and get their name tattooed on your shoulder! Every band has at least one. And they may not be in the development manager/product manager/customer/programmer roles. They are in the main the citizens who've used the effect in the real world, and dealt with real world customers.

3) Connect WITH, not AT. Tech-writers don't have a sufficient amount power to get away with communicating at.

4) Track stuff (take worksheet printout and write it up on the board).

5) Arise good consequence and province data - The more you can amount out for yourself, the change for the better off you'll be (and the more abide by you'll get from the techies).

6) Find out who your users are, what they are difficult to do, what they are having anxiety doing, and how they want to be helped. Then bestow this assistance. Help the user do what they are demanding to do. Don't just tell them what the effect can do? a help coordination is only accommodating if it addresses the users' needs.

7) Treat all and sundry as a customer. Then cope their expectations and your commitments. Continually guarantee they know what you're doing. Tell them when you'll be finished. And pull out all stops to meet your deadline.

8) Give a proxy user hard machine for the advance team - as long as usability feedback.

9) Work as hard as necessary to get good characteristic doco complete on time and to finances - this is how you'll get the satisfaction out of work that you need.

10) Have fun with it.

Don't befit jaded and cynical by the high-tech, harsh, callous IT world. Use your smarts, and make the most of the funds provided. Most prominently of all, make work satisfaction your add up to 1 goal. It's the best way to stay happy and get ahead.

About The Author

* Glenn Murray is an SEO copywriter and Article Submission Specialist. He is a executive of PublishHub and also of copywriting studio Divine Write. He can be contacted on Sydney +612 4334 6222 or at glenn@divinewrite. com. Visit http://www. divinewrite. com or http://www. publishhub. com for auxiliary details, more FREE articles, or to asset his e-book, 'SEO Secrets'.


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