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I confess--I'm a marketing heretic! I've built my career on flouting all the rules--and one of the rules I break is that I don't hype.

Do I put the best achievable "spin" on the truth? Of course! But I litter to deceive my readers into action.

What are some of the collective copywriter tricks that I *leave on the table?*

Here are a few to start:

* If you order in the next 24 hours, you get. . . (face it. If you come back tomorrow, the offer will approximately constantly still hold)

* Get all these bonuses, valued at $999, for FREE with your $100 order (yeah, right! And who set the value of these gifts? And are they for sale, anywhere, on the open promote at these prices?)

*Here's the in sequence you requested (a GREAT statement--IF it's true-- but I get five or six a day in my e-box, from companies I've never heard of)

* Hi there, long-lost acquaintance (and you sent it BCC?)

So why don't I like the copywriter's lies? And how do I write copy exclusive of resorting to these deceits?

Well, first of all, I accept as true that if I want my words to sell a product, that product ought to be beefy adequate to do so devoid of tricking the buyer. I know that if I trick someone, I may make a sale--but I've lost a client for life! While if I show the merits, back up my claims, and focus on the way this consequence solves a problem, eases a hurt or fear, or satisfies a need, I will build that days relationship.

Oh, and one more thing. I like to look in the mirror and see a big name who is doing good for the world--and I don't think lies and fraud will accomplish that. I come about to have a gift for writing, and I use that gift to make the world better. That includes being direct with my self and with my readers.

Much of the work I do is in the publishing industry. And here, the competition is fierce. About 175,000 new books are in print in the U. S. each year. Most of them will fail. My job is to help my clients' books stand out in this dense crowd.

Example: I wrote a press circulate for a book on electronic privacy issues. Here's my headline and lead. (Another rule I broke--never use the headline as the lead sentence. It's the only time I've ever done it that way, but in this case, I think the repetition made the point stronger. Names have been distorted to keep the author's privacy. )

It's 10 O'Clock--Do You Know Where Your Belief Chronicle Is?

HIBBING, MN: It's 10 O'clock--Do you know where your belief chronicle is? How about your employment records? Your confidential medicinal information?

How would you feel if you found out this aware and should-be-private material is "vacationing" in laptop databanks about the world-- accessible to corporate happiness who can come up with the money for to track down and purchase it, but not essentially open to your own inspection.

According to electronic privacy journalist and equipment consultant Mortimer Gaines, this scenario is all-too-common?

No falsehoods, no hype--but a whole lot more appealing than the usual "New Book on Electronic Privacy At large by Publisher. "

Without tricking people, I want to capture interest. . . move the booklover to action. . . and still feel good about for myself in the morning.

Yes, it can be done! I do it for clients every day, and have done so for more than 20 years.

Shel Horowitz, dramatist of *Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts Ancestors First,* *Grassroots Marketing: In receipt of Noticed in a Noisy World,* and four other books, offers affordable, efficient copywriting and strategic marketing forecast to clients on three continents. He is the originator of the Ethical Commerce Assure Crusade to adjustment the World at http:// www. principledprofits. com/25000influencers. html. His sites at http:// www. frugalmarketing. com and http://www. principledprofits. com offer hundreds of advantageous articles for entrepreneurs and marketers, as well as the accomplish back issues of his FREE Monthly Careful Marketing Tips. Shel will be glad to help you construct your next press release, sell sheet, web site, or other marketing material. He can be reached at shel@principledprofits. com, 800-683-WORD.


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